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Self care products

Packed with powerful botanical ingredients, shop our conscious collection of multifunctional selfcare products for a healthy everyday routine. A collection of timeless self care products that merge the high performance of lab-grown ingredients with the nourishing and healing properties of natural, raw ingredients.

Holiday Bundles

  • Hydration all over

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  • Spa me all you want

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Body Care

Face Care

Hair Care

  • Se- solid shampoo

    Shampoo 20Y

    Purchase & earn 7 points!Add To Cart
  • Se- solid shampoo

    Shampoo 20G

    Purchase & earn 7 points!Add To Cart
  • Se-Hair-serum

    Hair serum

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Men’s Care

  • Se-Beard-wash

    Beard soap 20C

    Purchase & earn 6 points!Add To Cart
  • Se-Beard-Oil

    Beard oil

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  • Le Mec Package

    Purchase & earn 85 points!Add To Cart
  • The Grooming Package

    Purchase & earn 150 points!Add To Cart

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